Mighty Seas

Bastian Posniak

Melody – Illusion?
A sound from far away
A glow you’d never notice
In the shadows of the day

And you can’t see any differences
Between the waves and rain
And the light on the horizon seems
To sink and fade again

The sun kissed the water
A long long time ago
Behind black clouds it colours
Your skin and lies below

And you stand there watching shipwrecks
That once sailed mighty seas
And filled the nights with red lights
And opportunities

Deep inside
Where neither black or white
Can keep one of your secrets
You’ll find the brightest light
Don’t dive down
If you still want to sleep
On the island of illusions
In dark sands, unhurt, weak

And you know you are a stranger
On this beach you call your own
So you sail out to the white spots
Into dark waves, all alone

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